For a number of years Dr. Zygelman has been addressing health issues, which would be best treated with a combination of chiropractic and nutritional therapies.

This combination provides a powerful strategy to alleviate unwanted health conditions, which may not have resolved using a singular approach.

Dr. Zygelman has studied many chiropractic techniques and nutritional approaches. Rather than using any one technique, he has drawn on what he feels is the best information from the various sources. Some patients come to the Orange Chiropractic Center solely for chiropractic care and symptomatic relief. Others come for guidance in nutrition. Some come for both


Regardless of the technique used to determine the best nutrition protocol, a healthful diet is an essential aspect to health and the combination of diet, herbs, and whole food nutrition along with a compliant patient will result in the best outcomes.

Utilizing a complete health history, symptom survey forms, basic understanding of nutrition combined with Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) and Meridian Autonomic Testing (MAT) we determine the best strategy for a variety of conditions. The emphasis is on treating the underlying cause of the health problem rather than just masking symptoms, which is what pharmaceuticals often address.

Our clinically proven systems may be quite different from any other healing practice you have experienced. The body has the full potential to fully repair itself when given the correct nutrients. The process may take months although people often report improvements in 4-6 weeks. In the process of learning more about your body it may be determined that you have food, heavy metals or chemical sensitivities. This knowledge may be essential to attain desired results. Identifying and eliminating certain problem foods i.e. wheat, dairy, sugar etc. may be key to improving health.

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