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About Dr. Leo Zygelman

Dr. Zygelman has over 30 years experience in addressing health problems requiring Chiropractic and nutritional expertise.

Dr. Zygelman received his Bachelor’s degree from Queens College in New York.

He graduated Cum Laude from New York Chiropractic College in 1978 and has had extensive post graduate training in Orthopedics, Activator method and Nutrition.

Dr. Zygelman is a member of the National Chiropractic Scholastic Honor Society, Connecticut Chiropractic Association, American Chiropractic Association, and Long term member of Rotary International.

Dr. Zygelman has been in continuous practice in Orange since 1979 and currently resides with his wife in Stamford, Connecticut.

For a number of years Dr. Zygelman has been addressing health issues, which would be best treated with a combination of chiropractic and nutritional therapies.

This combination provides a powerful strategy to alleviate unwanted health conditions, which may not have resolved using a singular approach.

Dr. Zygelman has studied many chiropractic techniques and nutritional approaches. Rather than using any one technique, he has drawn on what he feels is the best information from the various sources. Some patients come to the Orange Chiropractic Center solely for chiropractic care and symptomatic relief. Others come for guidance in nutrition. Some come for both


Although the Doctor’s initial training was in traditional chiropractic manipulation, he mostly utilizes the Activator Method Technique. This technique is very light force using a hand held thrusting instrument delivering a gentle force, which is suitable for the very young, seniors and very fragile. The gentle nature allows the Doctor to do manipulations early on with acute conditions. It is especially appealing to people who are reluctant to have more forceful joint manipulative treatments. People are often surprised at how well it works given the gentleness of treatment. Some people prefer the more traditional approach and that too is available.

We also employ Applied Kinesiology Analysis to determine when, where, how and sometimes as important, to know when not to treat certain areas.

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